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We are connecting our students to their learning and better preparing them for career success with progressive teaching and learning approaches by offering one of Canada’s most diverse range of Experiential Education opportunities and technology-enhanced learning.


In TheCommunity

Community service gives our students the enriching opportunity to work directly with high-impact organizations through a wide range of activities, including mentoring, advocacy, outreach and awareness.

Field Experiences

Example: Field placements at local correctional facilities or victim services agencies for students in the Criminology and Criminal Justice programs.

Community Service Learning

Example: Participation in the KIN Kids program, a research-informed initiative providing opportunities for exercise and social skills development among inactive children in the Jane and Finch community.

Performance and Artistic Productions

Example: Student art showcases organized by aspiring artists and dancers to demonstrate their talents to the community and attract industry attention.

Industry Sponsored Research Projects

Example: Collaborative partnerships between students and fitness companies to develop virtual personal training apps that track and improve users’ workouts.

Workplace Simulations

Example: Simulation exercises that use cutting-edge technology and the latest industry equipment to enable Nursing students to apply their skills in real, workplace scenarios.


Example: Team-based collaborations where students conceive, design and prototype solutions to an existing technological problem over a constrained time frame.

Incubators and Accelerators

Example: Expert entrepreneurial guidance and support for students as they work to develop, build, launch and grow their own start-up ventures.

International Exchanges

Example: Global internship opportunities providing students with the chance to participate in unique research and/or administrative placements, both in Canada and abroad.


In TheWorkplace

Whether it’s a paid co-op, internship, placement or practicum, York offers students a myriad of learning experiences across a number of Faculties and programs that connect classroom learning to the workplace.

Co-operative Education

Example: Vaccine research opportunities for biochemistry students at a leading pharmaceutical company through paid work terms.


Example: Contribution to meaningful, industry-specific initiatives, allowing third-year Commerce students to apply theories and concepts learned in the classroom to real, hands-on work.

Clinical Placements

Example: Practical training for Nursing students at local health centres, enabling them to graduate with career-ready skills that will improve their employability.


Example: Practice teaching courses for Early Childhood Education students in order to gain in-class experience in a real public school environment.

Mandatory Professional Practice

Example: Knowledge sharing between Social Work students and non-profit agencies, allowing these organizations to directly benefit from the latest academic knowledge and innovations.


In TheClassroom

From guest speakers providing unique perspectives on course content, to the chance to interview domain experts in a chosen field, York integrates a range of unique learning opportunities that reshape perceptions around classroom-setting practicums.


Example: Exposure to laboratory techniques and tools for Biology and Organic Chemistry students to gain a thorough understanding of both fundamental and advanced research methods.

Multi-media Presentations

Example: Video-conferencing, video clips and interactive displays that enable Geomatics engineering students unparalleled flexibility to participate remotely in real-time class activities.

Guest Speakers

Example: Visiting industry experts use their real-world experiences and hard-earned expertise to expand on classroom concepts and allow students to consider the broader impact of their coursework.

Performance Arts

Example: High-quality performance venues – from galleries, schools and alternative sites to industry-level, on-campus studios and theatres – where Dance students can perfect and showcase their craft.


Student experiences

Andre Moura

Global Health @York University

Ushieja De Zoysa

Astrophysics & Pure math @ York University

Abdeali Saherwala

Urban & Regional Environments, FES @ York University

Sherri Tran

Business Administration, Schulich School @ York University

Jason Harper

Trilingual Studies & Linguistics, Glendon @ York University

Fernanda Sierra

Culture & Expression, LA&PS @ York University

James Tulloch

Music Program, AMPD @ York University

Kuldeep Singh Hujan

Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde School @ York University

Alice Pan

Criminal Law, Osgoode Hall Law School @ York University


York University is a leader in using technology to make learning more accessible and adaptable to students' multidimensional lives.

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