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York University is known for championing new ways of thinking that drive teaching and research excellence. Meaningful and sometimes unexpected careers result from cross-disciplinary programming, innovative course design and diverse experiential education opportunities.

Our Vision

York is committed to giving a broad demographic of students access to a high quality, research-intensive learning environment committed to the public good.

At A Glance

OK彩票York University was founded in 1959
OK彩票York University is the 2nd largest university in ontario and the third largest in canada
OK彩票York University has 46,400 undergrad students and 5,900 grad students
OK彩票York University has 6,200 international students from 178 countries
OK彩票York University has over 290 international university partners
OK彩票York University has 7,000 faculty and staff

OK彩票York's campuses across the world

OK彩票OK彩票York's EcocampusOK彩票York's Glendon campusOK彩票York's Hyderabad campusOK彩票York's Keele campus

Campuses & partnerships

At York U, our campuses are alive with the vibrancy of Canada’s largest and most exciting city. We are a welcoming and inclusive community, and a leader in providing 200+ collaboration opportunities and tools that set our students up for success from day one.

Discover our other centers

OK彩票York's Keele Campus

Located in the GTA, the Keele Campus offers a balance of academic and real-world education. Our 53,000 students are enrolled in 160+ undergraduate programs.

OK彩票York's Glendon Campus

ok彩票app电脑版 to 2,700 students, Glendon is Canada’s only bilingual university campus, known for its international experience and leadership opportunities.

OK彩票York's EcoCampus

The Lillian Meighen Wright Centre, the landmark building of York's EcoCampus is the new ok彩票官网 of the Las Nubes Project in Costa Rica.

OK彩票York's Hyderabad Campus

Schulich’s MBA in India program offers an opportunity to complete one of the world’s leading MBA programs in two continents.


A comprehensive research-intensive institution, York University is ok彩票官网 to a proud tradition of scholarship and the pursuit of discovery and innovation.

Its commitment to excellence brings together a rich diversity of perspectives with a strong sense of social responsibility that is making a difference to the world around us.

Learn about York's Research Impact

*York’s research impact is No. 1 in Ontario in business, management & accounting, mathematics, & nursing  (SciVal, 2017)
**York is No. 1 in Ontario for global collaborative research publications. 54% of York’s publications have international co-authors (SciVal, 2017)

No. 1 in research impact*

39 Canada research chairs

OK彩票$95m in research grants & awards

No. 1 in global joint research publications*

25 research centres

teaching& learning excellence

York’s unique combination of learning opportunities across wide-ranging disciplines provides students with diverse and relevant viewpoints to open their minds and broaden their thinking, skills and interests, unlocking their potential for broad career opportunities, expected and otherwise.

OK彩票Top ranked Schulich School of Business and Kinesiology ProgramOK彩票York University has 11 FacultiesOK彩票91% of York graduates get a job within 2 yearsOK彩票94% of York professors have the highest education qualification in their fieldsOK彩票York University has 200+ undergraduate and graduate degree programsOK彩票8,000+ Experiential Education (EE) opportunitiesOK彩票York University has 5,000 coursesOK彩票York University has Canada's largest liberal arts facultyOK彩票Top ranked Schulich School of Business and Kinesiology Program

Student success

York has a vibrant and diverse student life in a
supportive community environment.


student jobs on campus
every year


student clubs
& associations


largest new student
orientation in Canada



alumnimaking an impact

Our 300,000+ accomplished alumni span the globe making an impact in their fields.

OK彩票Dr. Steve Maclean, Astronaut and Quantum Physicist, BSC 1977, PhD 1983, DSC 1993
OK彩票Pernille Ironside, Child Protection Specialist in emergencies, UNICEF, JD ’99
OK彩票Layth Gafoor, Principal and Managing Director, Lucentem Sport and Entertainment Law, BA 2006, LLB 2006
OK彩票Jennifer Keesmaat, Former Chief Planner and Executive Director, City of Toronto, MES 1999

This isthe future

2022School of Continuing Studies

OK彩票York U rendering of School of Continuing Studies